Becoming a Sponsor or Partner

How to Become a
Sponsor or Partner

Delivering an Experience

while making a difference

To deliver a great Tournament experience to players, organizers and organizations, is key to partner with the right Brands, Companies & Service offering.

Leveraging what can be part of a great tournament, will certainly enhance that experience.

Contact me directly at to set up a meeting so we can discuss how can we help each other to bring this better experience to life.

Currently looking for Brands, Companies, Services or People that either:

- Wants to be part of the Tournament Experience via Branding & Logo placement (Sponsor fee might be applicable)
- Have a service or product that can be offer to the tournament players & organizers (i.e. Souvenirs, Prices, Trophies).
- Non-for-Profit Organization that is helping to make a better world.

WHY become a Sponsor or Partner?
To start with, the fact you are reading this shows that you are interested and have passion for sports and you own or represent a business, organization, service, etc.
I think that is the first and most important reason of WHY.

Secondly and as you probably are aware, racket sports such as Squash, Tennis, Badminton, Racquetball among others, have a very unique and varied community of players. Been part of the Squash community throughout my life, has given me the opportunity to teach, play and socialize with all sort of great people and from all economic levels, ages and gender: from 4 to 70+ years old; from students to company presidents and successful business owners. I am 100% confident that this applies to all the sports I mentioned above and more.

Depending on your line of product, service or business, this could also represent a GREAT opportunity to add value to your relationships with your clients, such as Clubs, Organization, Pro-Shops that organizes tournaments.

For example: While having joint efforts, you could be offering to your clients that you will help doing all their draws and scheduling of upcoming tournaments at no cost to them (on your behalf and at no cost to you)

Do you see any opportunities of working together? Contact me today: