Do you currently have a Ranking at your Club?

Whether you are a player or the coach of a Club, Rankings are important to keep you and/or your members engaged and raise their competitiveness level.

It is always great to know where you stand compared to other players and where your goal is set to be. Today many clubs offer Ladders, Round Robins, Pyramids, etc to keep players engaged. The Rankings of  a clubs should consider all those matches played, not just Tournaments.

Today, I can offer your club an easy way to keep the Rankings. It is NOT a software I am offering in which you would need to  buy, install, setup or configure. What I am offering is the Service of maintaining the Rankings of your Club, in which very little  is needed from you.

This can also be an alternate source of revenue to your department via Sponsor's Placement.

How it Works?

  • Winner of a match submits via this website the results of the match (mobile friendly).
  • An email notifying the players of the match will be automatically generated.
  • Once every 2 weeks or once a Month, new Rankings will be posted and available to players.
  • In addition to the Rankings, statistics of the matches played will be available to players.

NOTE: The rankings will work for Singles & Doubles. In the case of Doubles, there will be 2 different Rankings: Individually and as Teams

What is needed to start?

  • Very little. Most important is the commitment of the players to submit their results.
  • A list of existing players with email and skill level would be preferred, but not essential. Any new player that wants to participate in the Rankings, can register themselves and right away the can be part of it.
  • Certainly a conversation with the person responsible of that Sport's Department, so I can ensure the right level of customization of the Rankings to obtain the best experience for the players.

How much it costs?