Save Time

Save Time

I can certainly help you save HOURS of work when it comes to run your tournament.

HOW I can help you save time?
First of all, I will do for you most of the work and with the help of the programs I developed, it will take me a fraction of the time it could take you.

Here are some examples:

1) Tournament Registration: I will create an on-line form based on what you need and host it on private page on my site. Players can register on-line, see who has registered, see who is looking for partners (in doubles formats). After the Registration is closed, I will provide you with:

  • List by category/draws of all your players
  • Number of unique registered players
  • # of "souvenirs" needed and other details if needed
  • Automatically partner teams in doubles and eliminate duplicate registrations

All of these without you spending nothing more than letting me know what that form would look like.
Forget about writing from Paper to Excel the list of players, putting together teams in doubles, figuring out how many give-away you need to give.

Check the on-line registration Demo I have.

2) Making the Draws: After you provide me with the final list of players and their seeding, a few other key information of the tournament, it will take me less than 2 minutes to generate all your draws!
You can imagine how many hours I can save you if you were using your own Excel format, or using pen & paper, or an online software (that you are probably paying for) in which you need to do all that work.

Check out in my Draws Sample page how nice they will look like, without any effort from you.

3) Scheduling Matches: This could be one of the biggest time savers I can offer you. You know how much time and headaches will take to allocate a court, time and day to each match. This is not even considering all the changes and limitations from the players. Once again, with some basic information of your tournament, I will do all of this for you.

4) Other Time saving Features: I will provide you with the following:

  • List of all first matches
  • Daily program of matches
  • ... and much more coming up soon