Calendar Notes:
Wednesday March 27th @ 7pm will have another TRY IT OUT session. This is an opportunity for everyone that have not been able to drop by and have their kids try it out. Also, if you have family or friends that could be interested, let them know.

Saturday April 13th are the T&D Doubles Finals. There is a good chance that Paul’s team could make it to the finals and there might not be anyone to replace Paul that day.

Player’s Court

So many exciting news to share this week:
• Hudson S. joins the BEGINNER level.
• Griffin S has moved up to the ADVANCE level. Congrats !

Several Round Robins matches took place this week.
• Connor won 2-0 over Sara
• Daniel won 1-0 over Thomas
• Marcus won 1-0 over Matias
• Kianna won 1-0 over Matias

Have a great week!

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