Information / Reminders:

  • This Wednesday March 27th at 7pm – Another TRY IT OUT session. This is a great opportunity to bring friends to try out squash for the first time. Also, if you haven’t drop by yet with your kids, this will be a great opportunity. You only need to bring indoor shoes, we will take care of the rest.
  • Do you have an INSTAGRAM account? – don’t forget to follow us @juniorsquashprogram

Calendar Notes:
Saturday April 13th are the T&D Doubles Finals. There is a good chance that Paul’s team could make it to the finals and there might not be anyone to replace Paul that day.

Something interesting, inspirational or just worth reading / watching

THE DATA HIGHLIGHTING SQUASH’S TRUE PHYSICAL DEMANDS There has been always the question of what racquet sport would give you the best workout. I used to hear that 2 hours of tennis = 40 min of squash. With today’s technology, they have much precise data that can help explain and compare Squash’s physical demands. Below a link to the an article that explains it in more detail. Hope you enjoy.

Article: Click HERE for the PSA article.

Player’s Court: This week we had new players joining the program. A big welcome to all of them and their parents.

  • Oliver F. joins the BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE level.
  • Douglas X joins the INTERMEDIATE level.
  • Felix X joins the BEGINNER level.
  • Colin M joins the INTERMEDIATE level.
  • Carter M joins the INTERMEDIATE level.

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